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Herr Hrdlicka, Dienstag, 30. Januar 2018, 19:07 @ krull verklappt

Stand der Dinge - Get it?

Got it! Hanx & fanx, lieber F. Krull. Der Zusatznutzen besteht in der Lektüremöglichkeit von bislang fast 400 Leserzuschriften. Habe mich da durchgebissen, Kostenproben weiter unten …

Ich fass mal zusammen: Der eigentliche Tausch der Zukunft ist: Gespielt wird ausschließlich in dem bisherigen Transferfenster, das wiederum die eigentliche Spielzeit ersetzt. Sechs Wochen pöhlen - 46 Wochen transferieren.

Genial! Ließe sich vielleicht auch erfolgreich auf andere Situationen übertragen. Ersetze z. B. “pöhlen“ durch “regieren“ und “transferieren“ durch “sondieren“.

Zur Systematisierung fehlt jetzt doch die Konzentration -
eine eher willkürliche Auswahl:

339. Posted by dewlishdevil
Crystal ball:
Aubameyang, Aubameyang,
why can't you score? the Gooners sang;
Sixty million quid we paid
and now we wish Giroud had stayed;
The problem lies at centre half,
old Arsene's blindness makes me laugh;
Aubameyang is not the key,
we need some brains in midfield, see;
A man of vision must be found,
Is Patrick Vieira still around?

150. Posted by LuThe
It's not Auba's ability that is suspect, it's his mentality. Being late, not turning up at all, apparently getting himself sent off.. There is a belief that he's playing up only to force a move away (rumours that Dortmund have prevented bigger moves than Arse in the past). Arse's new head of scouting is from Dortmund (some great signings), I guess he must know Auba and has OK'd.

341. Posted by Jabes
So, Chelsea have played Arsenal twice in the Premiership, they may loan a player to Dortmund who then releases a Dortmund player to go to Arsenal, who themselves (Arsenal) still have to play Chelsea's main rivals at the top of the Premiership. They could then loan to other another Prem club and that player would also be able to play against Chelsea's rivals, but not Chelsea. Am I just a cynic?

275. Posted by Ming
It never ceases to amaze me why these deals are left right up to the last moment. Everyone involved knows what the timetable is yet it's always a last minute scramble. No doubt someone will blame the supposed bureaucrats when they get paperwork in 5 mins past the deadline.

109. Posted by beanos3
To accomplish the 3 interwoven moves within the next 40 or so hours will be difficult to say the least. The 'domino effect' may collapse the chain.

277. Posted by nisreen miller
Fee was agreed well before the window and Dortmund were approached well before that. Dortmund have had and still do have plenty of time to find a replacement. It's Dortmund to blame. My feeling is they are looking at Modeste. He will suit the way the manager wants Dortmund to play more then Auba. He is currently over priced and on loan in China.

Money beats soul - always.

42. Posted by Sugartits
So we have a player from Gabon going to a team owned by Emiratis, managed by a French guy in exchange for a French player and one from Belgium who's has been at 3 different clubs in 4 years. Who really cares? How about insisting 5 of players on a Premier League team have to be born within 50 miles of the home stadium. Generate local support rather than this globalist money laundering nonsense.

Mann, hab ich die Schnauze voll...

Und mir geht’s so wie Tommy Roe:
"Dizzy I'm so dizzy my head is spinning.
Like a whirlpool, it never ends."

110. Posted by LondonMark
Only a few more hours and the mid winter farcical merry go round will be over for everyone! Can't happen too soon!

SgG Herr Hrdlicka


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